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Kanye always said “And when you get on he leave your A$$ for a white girl” in regards to black men, but he never mentioned black women.There are quite a few black women that have gained great success through music, acting and sports, but aren’t seen with black men romantically.The TV show host recorded a video of and her tiny great-grandchild on the social networking website, which uses pictures to communicate with the world, and beamed as the tot debuted in moving image.Whoopi Goldberg has become a great-grandmother In front of more than 33,000 followers she revealed that she hadn’t fed a newborn in 39 years, after being corrected by a woman who is presumably her granddaughter.Whoopi admitted that she hasn’t had much practice with youngsters lately so didn’t feel like the best lady for the job until she bonded with the baby. Whoopi is 58 and hasn't had much practice lately It came a week after she posted an image of Charli on her Instagram account, gushing over how gorgeous the little was. She then welcomed granddaughter Jerzey in 1995 and grandson Mason in 1999.“Everyone meet the new addition to my family Charli Rose and yea I'm a tad awkward it took me a minute been a LONG time! The star got hitched to cinematographer David Claessen in 1986 but the union only lasted two years.In one taped conversation, Gibson allegedly yelled at her: "You're an embarrassment to me. Goldberg told The View audience that his crime did not constitute "rape-rape".

He has been dropped by his talent agency and is being investigated by police over allegations of domestic violence against Miss Grigorieva, 40, the mother of his nine-month-old daughter. You ------- deserved it." Last year, Goldberg faced a backlash after defending Roman Polanski, who fled the US after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

, which was home to Caitlyn Jenner’s “I Am Cait.” Aissa says the cabler was especially interested in the project because of Goldberg and Leonardis’ attachment, which gave him confidence that the series would have “integrity and heart.” Aissa adds that Goldberg’s “attention to the nuances” of the trans models has pushed the production to a new level.

“If you have watched any interview Whoopi Goldberg has done, or even just a few minutes of her stand out work on ‘The View,’ you know Whoopi’s passion and drive carries over to everything she touches,” he says. One of the cast members is a familiar face for reality TV watchers.

“Our programming commitment is to showcase people on journeys to find their truth — and be their truth.

This is a generation who most definitely aren’t going to be confined by yesterday’s social mores and rules,” Rod Aissa, executive vice president of original programming and development at Oxygen, tells For Oxygen, “Strut” marks the first series to feature an all-trans cast, following in the footsteps of its NBCUniversal sister network E!

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“They’re the best people in the world,” Whoopi Goldberg says about the cast of “Strut,” her new Oxygen show that follows a group of models signed to Slay Model Management, an exclusively transgender modeling agency.

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