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The band's earned several Juno Award nominations and in 2013, they won the Juno Award for Group of the Year.He was raised with two sisters named Angela and Sara. I'm kinda glad he would rendez-vous amoureux, date a fan. I mean lets look at the proof here; he doesn't tweet about Amanda anymore, toi never see pictures of them together anymore, She's never on tour with them ANYMORE, he allways says that he's single in interviews now, and he always says "thats why we keep casting l’amour stories in our videos, because I can not get a girl any other way." Amanda and him did rendez-vous amoureux, date for a LONG time, but, I mean, look at the evidance here, sweethearts. Please refer to wikipedia for a good example of how an about description might look.Luke Hemmings of "5 Seconds of Summer" has a reputation for making the ladies go crazy.

All im saying is if anyones ment to be with him its me MDR jk but i mean if anyone is ment to be with him then fait will find away to bring toi together until then déplacer on and enjoy his talent I could except it and hes the only cleleberty ive ever had a thing for MDR Celeberty status is my fav song Yes, hes dating a wonderfull and beautiful girl named Amanda Mcewan and if any of toi who say toi "LOVE" josh ramsay and are "trenchers" toi guys should be happy for him and not bash the l’amour of his life,if hes happy toi should be happy for him hes a wonderfull man with a wonderfull woman boo yeh, he isnt with toi HAHA he is with the really pretty && Amazing Amanda Mc Ewan and surprisingly she is part of my Friends family (not lieing at all! Then he would most likely rendez-vous amoureux, date you.

According to Sugarscape, the two have been talking a lot about their time spent together.

Hemmings posted a snap captioned, "Writing a tune with the man @Josh Ramsay," while Ramsay added, "Great day in the studio with that feisty @Luke5SOS.

But the fan would have to like him for his personality not his good looks. The guy is busy but if we really l’amour him and want to rendez-vous amoureux, date him.

He a dit in an interview he would most likely fall in l’amour with a fan. MDR And she would also have to understand his secdule. ummm so thats alot to read so i stoped at the part were it sayed he will most likey fall for a fan so ya in i doubt he would fall for a fan (not that i dont want him to fall for me) but still and as of 2012 he does not have a girlfriend i looked it up..it took me about 3 hours i had to read ALOT of stuff!

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When they ask when you find yourself dating someone, just smile and act mysterious.

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