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In late 2007, he dated a woman who is Asian American.

The two met when she was working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Now we’ve talked about white nationalists, white supremacists, etc. For example, we posted about John Derbyshire and what he tells his half-Asian kids.

Enjoys morning runs, Breaking Bad, reading, and nights out with friends.

Questions about income, which are common on other dating apps, were absent, users noticed.

The site also asks no questions regarding education, also found on other common dating apps.

It is a generic profile that could be pulled off any dating website.

You decide to meet him and he probably comes off as pretty intelligent and knows a lot about current events from reading the New York Times religiously; but after that second coffee date, you may find that “similar interests” include, and may be limited to, being white, not-Jewish, and male.

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