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This article explains how these errors occur and how to manually repair and prevent them.

The article also introduces you to Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager – an advanced Word add-in that makes the work with cross-references much faster and easier and that can help you automatically repair and prevent cross-reference problems in the future.

In addition, Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager includes smart and efficient cross-reference features that are not found elsewhere.

For example, you can save language-specific custom cross-reference texts that contain placeholders for multiple cross-reference fields and insert the text, including all the cross-references, with a single click.

The book explains how to number equations in Word automatically using the Equation Caption, which is based on Word’s handy SEQ Equation field.

The other Office applications don’t have this feature unfortunately. On the REFERENCES ribbon tab 1) Click on “Insert Caption” 2) Choose the Equation label 3) Check the “Exclude label from caption” box 4) Hit the OK button 5) Insert a ( in front of your equation number and a ) after the number 6) Change the formatting as desired preferably using an equation style with the formatting you like The book notes that some publishers don’t want parenthesized equation-number references, so it’s a good idea to have the parentheses outside of the field.

Cross-references can appear anywhere within the document and often take the form of: (See Table A).Is there a way to have a cross reference to a figure only display the number, without displaying the label?For example, I want to reference several figures at once, so it is most natural to say "see Figures 1,3,6, and 9".You may sometimes experience that one or more cross-reference fields in a document do not show the correct content.You may experience cross-reference fields that are not updated even if you changed the referenced item, e.g. The problem may also be that one or more fields refer to section no. Finally, the problem could be that one or more fields contain a lot of text where you expected a reference to a heading only.

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