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Kentico allows you to automatically generate sitemaps for your websites according to the Google Sitemap Protocol.Sitemaps help search engines correctly index the content of websites and can have a significant effect on the resulting search ranking.A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs of a website's pages along with additional metadata.Search engine crawlers (robots) use the sitemap data to determine which pages to index and how often to re-index pages.The sitemap generated by the web part replaces the default sitemap.Search crawlers can access the sitemap either under the main URL specified in the Google sitemap URL setting, or directly through the URL of the document containing the Google Sitemap web part.If you are using a script to generate your URLs, you can generally URL escape them as part of that script. For instance, the following python script entity escapes However, if your site changes frequently, you are encouraged to include the time portion so crawlers have more complete information about your site. For static files, this is the actual file update date.

NET navigation controls is the lack of dynamic updating. NET pages to your web.sitemap so that your navigation menu (which is using ASP.

Somehow the check that should avoid that issue fails.

I believe because the current node is in fact a clone of the current node, and as such not equal to the current node (i.e. To get around this, I have changed the code somewhat to do the check on the actual nodes.

Jeff Prosise made a nice blog entry about hiding the root node in the Site Map Path-control.

Some people, like myself, experienced an issue when the current node and the root node ar actually the same.

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