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You know, stuff like drunkenly launching fireworks from his bare backside, aiming them at his equally inebriated friends at the pub when their soccer team wins a big match.

Also, lots and lots of sex with his wife, Dawn—even giving a mattress a good "test drive" with her at the store before committing to buying it.

Ashley House acquired a large ex-school site and Practical Completion of the Open Door scheme was achieved in August 2013.

The new building houses a range of health and social welfare services for local people.

” Well im a male obviously, been single for the last 2 years and decided to take my chances on here !!

("Twin city to Chernobyl," the town's sign proudly proclaims.) What are those simple pleasures, you ask?

He's a working-class bloke who enjoys the simple pleasures of working-class life in grimy Grimsby, England.

Then fate cruelly separated them, leaving poor Nobby behind in Grimsby while Sebastian went on to a posh life in London, never to be seen or heard from again.

Nobby's never forgotten his brother, never quit looking, never quit hoping for a reunion. It turns out, though, that Sebastian Graves isn't much like his older brother at all.

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There are also frequent references to and jokes about sex, particularly oral sex, seduction, mating animals, and even HIV/AIDS; a woman's breasts are seen briefly, and there are other sex scenes, too.

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