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Since the bug still exists in Visual Studio 2003 and .NET framework 1.1, one can only hope that this bug will be fixed in Visual Studio 2005 and . Until then, there are several workarounds possible, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.As a general rule of thumb, both Eval() and Bind() work similarly for read operations but Bind() offers more functionality when binding controls to a data source for the full spectrum of Read/Write operations. If you Bind() a control value then it will automatically pass the value to your data source for operations such as reading, inserting, and updating data without the programmer needing to specify anything. Data Item() , Eval() uses reflection, so your application will consume less resources if you find & replace your Eval() statements with Container. Bind() of course is even more comprehensive functionality-wise so its overhead is also greater when compared with Eval(). Data Item(“abc”)) and is a read operation, so you can populate a control’s value using the Eval() method, but that’s basically the extent of the binding. In contrast if you are populating your Form View controls using the Eval() method, then referencing the nested controls as parameters for your data source is a bit more of a chore, and is not intentionally supported via declarative databinding. I see many questions online about how to get Eval to work in a databound, Templated Control, but as I mentioned, this is not proper form and Microsoft wants the developer to use the Bind() function instead. I frequently use Grid View, Form View, and Details View controls, and find the Bind() functionality is best for use with these. The Visual Studio declarative programming model encourages the use of Bind() operations with Template Fields controls since Bind() uses as storage mechanism behind the scenes for managing the communication between controls within your Form View and your data source parameters.

However this does not work in other environments (ie: I am now using Visual Studio 2010 and an ASP. But in some columns I want to limit the input with a Drop Down List.There is no inbuilt column for Drop Down Lists so I intended to add one myself. My Object Datasource retrieves a Data View, will that be a problem?You may look at its source code and adapt it for the Grid View As for your second question, if you have a Data Format String applied to a Bound Field you can set the Apply Format In Edit Mode to true. Row Updating 'Get hold of combobox Dim row As Grid View Row = Direct Cast(sender, Grid View). New Edit Index) Dim cbo As Drop Down List = Direct Cast(row. Cancel = False End Sub The first problem is that the Find Control will not find the Drop Down List, probably because it is placed inside a Template Field. Find Control("cbo Activity Time"), Drop Down List) 'Load the combobox cbo. Data Item, Data Row View)(" Time Show") 'be careful of the possibility that the value saved on the 'database does not exist in the valid selections that are displayed 'on the list ddl. Selected = True End If In which case you would also have to save the selected value upon update by consuming the Grid View Row Updating, like this: Protected Sub grd Activity_Row Updating (By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Update Event Args) Dim str Time Show As String = CType(CType(sender, Grid View Row). Cancel = False End Sub Regarding your question on how to find the dropdownlist within the Grid View Row while handling the Row Editing event… HTH, Phillip Williams Lithner" wrote: 1) I have a Data Grid View with edit capability. Find Control("cbo Activity Time"), Drop Down List) 'Set the New value of the object e. Hi Jakob, I figured that the best response is to put a sample of the Grid View similar the Form View that I had. Find Control("cbo Activity Time"), Drop Down List). The Row Editing event is raised when a row's Edit button is clicked, but before the Grid View control enters edit mode.

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