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That’s why it’s critical for education professionals to partner with companies who are knowledgeable and experienced. With more than 20 years of experience providing laptops for schools and having pioneered breakthrough programs such as Anywhere Anytime Learning, Toshiba is proud to continue expanding the boundaries of the classroom with our suite of education solutions.

By partnering with companies that offer best-in-class solutions, we can help schools reach the highest marks of achievement and ensure student success.

1908 refers to the year in which our Founder and CEO Steve Savage’s Great Great Uncle – William Kent – saved one of the last great Redwood Groves from being sold to lumber interests.

He bought all 300 acres and presented the property to Teddy Roosevelt and the US Government as a gift. Just as William Kent sought to conserve the Redwood Grove, Stephen Kent Savage continues the tradition and leads 1908 Brands to help consumers make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives.

At 1908 Brands, we manufacture, manage, and market a family of natural product brands.

Dating back to 1993, Boulder Clean is a pioneer in the green cleaning product market as they focus on making cleaning products that work just as well as (if not better than) all those products that are packed with toxic chemicals. Our bites, coconut chips, bars and cookies are nutrient-packed with everything you need to thrive (and nothing you don’t).

In addition, we manufacture smaller parts such as floats, spouts, control pins, baffles, spacers, dam boards, degassers, and many other products.

With roots dating back 25 years, our multinational company focuses on providing innovative solutions for our customers.

But the digital world of dating inevitably comes with real-world problems that singles need to navigate.

Dozens of dating apps compete for users, but the vast majority have a photo-centric approach that emphasise physical appearance.

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And help administrators and IT pros meet evolving standards, without compromising easy access, flexibility and airtight security.

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