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Depuis 2007, elle dirige l'équipe médicale qui offre des soins spécialisés en Afrique.

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Have you ever wondered why Earth's "sister world" Venus is a lifeless desert and whether her fate portends our own?

These questions and more are up for discussion next Thursday, January 29, when Carroll math and astronomy professor Dr.

NASA has a lot of exciting plans for further neighbor-planet exploration, which will teach us not only about Mars and Venus but also about our Earth and why it works so well. Cline will also regale his audience with an update on the recent discoveries about the methane gas found in the atmosphere of Mars and whether this may be evidence of life on the Red Planet.

De plus, à chacune des missions, se joignent à l'équipe médicale des bénévoles du milieu des affaires.

Dre Laberge a participé, en tant que chirurgienne et professeure invitée, à plus de 25 missions chirurgicales bénévoles dans plusieurs pays en voie de développement.

En 2006, Dre Caouette-Laberge a reçu le Prix May-Cohen pour femmes mentors de l'Association médicale canadienne.

Kelly Cline presents, "The Climate Paradox: Venus, Earth, and Mars," at 7 p.m. Farther out from Earth, why is Mars a frozen desert?

in Simperman Hall's Wiegand Auditorium, room 101-202. Four billion years ago, just after the sun and planets formed, the Earth, Venus, and Mars were probably very similar planets with comparable atmospheres and temperatures. Venusian volcanoes have created a hellish nightmare, with a surface temp hot enough to melt lead.

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