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Would you like to bind this solution to source control now? Why solutions are not integrated by default while creating my project (my friends are doing it automatically, they don't need to right-click in Source Control Explorer to add item to be able to see pending changes)? ) Optionally try opening The problem is that I don't remember if I made bind of solution with my primary folder, but there exists .vspscs which is that binding I think.But when I'm making modeling project, it doesn't ask me if I want to add it in source control.Also take a note at the comment by Lars Truijens about not mixing changes.

Fixed by opening "Go to All Changes" and including all missing files from there.But, this last solution was giving me errors while trying to open my modeling project after.I know I should activate first modeling project, so I clicked to .modelproj and while clicking to it, it was giving me this "notice" or rather "warning": The solution you have opened is under source control but not currently configured for integrated source control in Visual Studio. Either click yes on the question to bind your solution to source control, this is information that must be stored in the solution file and while Visual Studio does see that the folder is mapped to source control, it also sees that your solution isn't (did you check the add solution to source control checkbox when you created it?For me only after doing this it started seeing the file changes again.My solution was also online and apparently nothing else was wrong...

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