Naughty but nice dating

On a more physical level, that smack on the bottom causes your blood flow to increase to your butt and your nearby genitals, making it more sensitive and thereby increasing arousal.

How to add erotic spanking to your sex life Whether you just like sudden, white-hot jolts of pleasurable pain to your derriere, or you want to explore your dominant/submissive sides, spanking is a fun and exciting way to intensify the fire in your sex life.

Big Juicy Titties Large natural tatas swaying on hot babe Lucy as she is stripping away her undies.Since there are a couple of ways to play it works for most bridal shower situations.Great to do during a bridal lunch, or when cake is served.If you think you need to add some kink to your erotic repertoire, but are hesitant to go full-on BDSM with each other, maybe you’d benefit from a little spanking.For some, a little playful spanking is enough to take the sexual tension and excitement up a few notches higher.

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