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The release of a new version of the i OS is exciting—new features, new emoji, bug fixes!—but that excitement can be spoiled quickly if you don't have enough room on your i Phone to upgrade.Your i Phone doesn't need to be jailbroken, and this doesn't void your warranty or involve any kind of risk. Here's the drill: Step 1: Tap the Settings app and then tap General Step 2: Open the i Tunes Store app, head to movies, and find any really large title. But if you check the Reddit thread devoted to this topic, you'll see that many users tacked on hundreds of megabytes numerous times, and some were able to reclaim Instead, it's probably clearing out caches that shouldn't be full in the first place -- suggesting this is a storage issue (if not outright bug) Apple should investigate. Once you've tried the trick, hit the comments with your results!"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" is a good choice at 6.83GB. It's not immediately clear why this works, but it does. (You just need to find a movie that requires more space to download than you have available on your phone.) Tap the Rent button twice, keeping in mind you won't actually end up renting it (and therefore won't be charged anything). (That is, go back to the i Tunes Store app and try renting the movie again.) Each time, you should wind up with another chunk of freed-up storage. I just tested it on an i Phone 5c (running i OS 9.1, just for the record) that had 4GB of available space.

Atomic Updates (and in-place updates) and Optimistic Concurrency may be used as independent strategies for managing changes to documents, or they may be combined: you can use optimistic concurrency to conditionally apply an atomic update.It seems like i Phone storage is always at a premium, especially if you have an entry-level model with just 16GB (an economic necessity for many an i Phone owner).It's the rare user who doesn't know the pain of trying to download a new app or snap a few more photos and seeing the dreaded "not enough storage" message.If you're trying to install the update directly onto your i Phone wirelessly and have used most of your phone's storage, a warning may tell you that you don't have enough room and end the update. Here are a few tips for updating your i Phone when you don't have enough room.When you update your i Phone to the latest version wirelessly, the new software downloads from Apple directly to your phone.

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