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The access to the Black Sea and joining of Crimea stipulated a need of fortification of the South borders.

Olds Turkish fortresses and newly-built ones were used for this purpose. Industrial Ural was far off, and government came to a conclusion of construction of a government plant close to the Black Sea shore.

After close study of the natural deposits Carl Gaskoin offered to manufacture cast iron cannons, rather then copper ones.

"Godfather" of Lugansk foundry plant certainly was a commander-in-chief of the Black Sea fleet, admiral Nikolay Semenovitch Mordvinov, and "godmother" - empress Ekaterina the Second, who signed in 1795 the edict on the settlement of foundry plant on the river Lugan'.

Edict was prepared by Mordvinov, since he was one who managed to persuade Petersburg Admiralty to switch 715 thousand silver rubles left from construction of the young Black Sea fleet to the construction of cannon-foundry plant in the south Russia.

Later, it became known that there were two people in the car, the both of them were killed.

One of them was chief of the LPR People’s Militia Office Oleg Anashchenko, he was an owner of the exploded car.

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