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Would he have been such an effective pastor and mentor to young church leaders if he had his own young family?He clearly expresses in 1 Corinthians 7 the unique gospel benefits of his celibate life, and it’s time we start promoting similar thinking in our churches today.Q: My problem is that I don't have any feeling during sex. I am scared of talking about my problem as I feel embarrassed.A: As much as sexual pleasure may be derived from kissing, touching, masturbating and from stimulating areas other than the genitals, most people suffer incredible distress if they fail to derive pleasure from penetrative sexual activity.story_article_left1Any disturbance in the sexual response cycle, which is made up of the excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution stages, can result in sexual dysfunction.That being said, I know it’s important for people to speak their truth and that part of that truth is not just communicating your lack of interest but that you find such talk so early on offensive. Don’t let what everyone else is doing change or influence your personal boundaries or limits.What if you are still interested in talking but just not about sex? You might think that if you say no to every man who mentions sex in the first conversation, you won’t meet anyone.But now such lives are mocked and avoided and talk of celibacy or chastity produces the giggles that talk of sex would have before.

We need to articulate the benefits of a celibate life for some, and to encourage chastity for all.

Causes may be physical, for example hormonal imbalance, chronic kidney disease or menopause.

Unsatisfactory sex can also be a side effect of taking anti-depressants or the result of fatigue or psychological issues such as guilt, anxiety, past trauma or depression.

The only way you’ll see him or find him is if you shut the rest of the noise down.

That guy…one closer to your values, well, he takes his time, too. He might think you expect a shirtless pic right at the beginning!

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Its central character, Jesus Christ, was single and yet is held up as history’s only perfect human.

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