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"There was one person who contacted me in particular who was not creepy right away, he kind of struck up a conversation with me.

He was funny and very easy to talk to."One thing led to another and this person became her friend, but little did she know."I had been chosen as his third victim. "It's basically where a predator will take as long as they need to gain your trust and to make sure they have control over you, so they isolate you from activities you love doing, friends and family.

"I didn't feel like I had an option, so I went.

That's hard for people to understand and I've received a lot of hate for that."She said she felt trapped, afraid and helpless. "I thought, 'he is going to kill me and my mom is never going to know what happened to me,'" she said. The day he got out of prison, she went and got a tattoo that says 'never again,' on her forearm.

What could be more fun than a night of bingo with designer purse prizes? When they arrive, they find caring professionals and volunteers dedicated to reducing the trauma of the criminal justice system. Most important, this is the place where the smallest voice can be heard and children can begin the healing process from abuse.

The Family Advocate educates families on the roles of the investigating agencies, how the investigation will proceed and the systems that are in place to help children and families begin the healing process.

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"When I was 13-years-old I was on a chat room online playing a game," said Bushnell.

That's their goal, to make you their personal puppet and you don't question anything they do."Bushnell was 16 when this 21-year-old man, from out of state, decided he was going to come down to Tyler to visit her.

"I remember it was a Thursday afternoon after school and I sat in the locker room and I lied to him and said I had a meeting for drill team because I was so scared to go where I was supposed to meet him," she said.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - Statistics show one in five teenagers who regularly get online have received an unwanted sexual solicitation.

One of those people who fell prey to an online predator is the now 22-year-old Holli Bushnell.

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