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African-American and other Black communities represent only 14 percent of the nation’s population but account for 44 percent of all new HIV infections, reports the CDC.

These statistics represent the need “for a real conversation” about how we can prevent new HIV/AIDS cases within the Black community, Vanessa Cullins, MD told Cullins is Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Vice President of External Medical Affairs.

The messages, which include 'You're a walking disease, mate' and 'Sluts like you deserve it,' were sent to Grindr users and the Gay Men's Health Charity (GMFA) asked a group of HIV-positive models to read them out and react.'Each time someone sends a message like this to an HIV guy it adds a brick to the viral closet.

Next time someone challenges them about their status they might deny it. And things happen.'A major study published last year found that HIV-positive people, both gay and straight, who are on antiretroviral therapy have just a 1-4 per cent chance of passing the virus onto a partner during unprotected sex.'The medical treatment for HIV has had a dramatic impact on the health and life expectancy of those of us who are living with HIV.

"Instead of asking members to disclose whether they are positive or negative, Volttage operates on the belief that you should always assume that anyone you meet is HIV-positive and take appropriate precautions," he explained.

Unlike popular websites such as Grindr and Manhunt, which are popular for their anonymity with millions of men in almost every country across the globe, Volttage is bringing a different approach to online dating.

The Largest & Most Active HIV Blogs and Talk to tell people more about you and to get to know others.

Unfortunately the epicenter of the domestic epidemic is Black America.There are a lot of discussions we can have about emotions, especially if you are HIV positive and you are looking for a serious relationship.Let's talk about it A reader sent us his question about how to date with HIV. Just about everyone I meet with HIV uses it as an excuse to sleep around. Online Dating Immediately, I wonder where you're looking for love. Unfortunately most of the dating websites and apps tend to set HIv aside, but try a search for "hiv positive dating" and a ton of sites pop up dedicated to dating poz.“That’s why National HIV Testing Day is so important.” “It’s a reminder to everyone who is having sex—especially to those who are not in a monogamous relationship—that it is important to be tested for STIs and especially HIV,” said Dr. “Testing is very important for the African American community because we are at increased risk for having untreated STIs and HIV/AIDS.” Planned Parenthood provided 680,000 HIV tests for men and women in 2011, according to the organization.Some 15 percent of Planned Parenthood patients in 2011 were African Americans—that’s about 400,000 people.

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Do you have any advice on how I can meet others with HIV that might actually want a serious relationship or am I just kidding myself? You will find that dating with HIv is the same as without it. Two sites that stand out are because it's more of a social network than a traditional dating site–and it's free!

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