Emergency oxygen delivery in adults 1 updating nursing practice

centre or top of ball), or dial (Perflow brand of flow meters) when setting the flow rate. (2010) High Flow Nasal Cannulae Therapy in Infants with Bronchiolitis. Revision of the Oxygen delivery guideline, origionally published Oct 2012, was coordinated by Sueellan Jones, Respiratory Nurse Consultant, Department of Respiratory Medicine, and Brenda Savill, Nurse Educator, Nursing Education. Authorised by Bernadette Twomey, Executive Director Nursing Services.

Note: Some flow meters may deliver greater than the maximum flow indicated on the flow meter if the ball is set above the highest amount. Oxygen delivery method selected depends on: to recommended oxygen flow guide Oxygen therapy can be delivered using a low flow or high flow system. The type of humidification device selected will depend on the oxygen delivery system in use, and the patient's requirements. Journal of Pediatrics 14-38 Spentzas, T., Minarik, M., Patters, AB., Vinson, B. (2009) Children with respiratory distress treated with high-flow nasal cannula.

By increasing the concentration of oxygen the person inhales, more oxygen becomes available for the body’s consumption.Despite the importance of oxygen uptake, transport, and delivery to the tissues, the physiology and pathophysiology of impaired oxygen delivery is surprisingly poorly understood by many emergency caregivers.Furthermore, the role of oxygen therapy is an area of medicine where strong opinions exist, despite there being relatively few randomised controlled trials.The new guideline covers not just emergency oxygen use but most oxygen use in healthcare settings.It also covers short-term oxygen use by healthcare workers outside of healthcare settings, but domiciliary oxygen use by patients is covered by the BTS Guideline for home oxygen use in adults.1–3The key aim of this guideline is to make oxygen use in emergency and healthcare settings safer, simpler and more effective.

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