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” And while sometimes it’s nice to be able to rush into The Gap (because somehow your toddler has outgrown all of his pants in two weeks), supporting local businesses is a vastly important piece of the economic puzzle, too. Though this is becoming an increasingly difficult task with the ever-increasing proliferation of J.

Crew and Soul Cycle-esque shops that continue to make Southport feel more like an outdoor mall, you can have a small business-only day that is not only enjoyable but gives you that locals-only-yes-I-bring-my-Small-Business-Saturday-tote-with-me-to-shop-why-do-you-ask smugness that you so crave in the city.

For the rare times I'm actually sitting infront of a TV, I have no problems doing nothing but watching the show.

I may be drinking something, but unless the show happens to be on during dinner then I normally don't eat.

When I was a kid I would ALWAYS read while eating though.

I wish I could smoke while watching TV though, but you can't smoke in dorm rooms.

I was also intrigued by the peaceful coastal scene, painted in the impressionist style. Many years later, I became an artist and I had to revisit this scene of my childhood. This article is a personal inquiry in hopes that someone might provide me with more information about this fine impressionist. I have absolutely no confirmed documentation for the facts below, so consider this information as "hear say." From what I could gather, Mc Kay's full name was Frances H Mc Kay, a female artist born in 1880 (date of death unknown) in Rockport, Maine. Some limited information can be found from the Washington-based "Women In American Art" organization.

On the back of one painting was information that the artist had spent time in both places.

Everything I watch is on tape, since I hate commercials and just have two tape recorders to deal with schedule conflicts. Not a favorite, though, since every time I look down to cut my dinner I miss something visual and have to back up the tape.

Favorite foods are the one-hand snack type, popcorn and candy and cans of pop. Well I live in a dorm room and keep minimum amounts of food in the room, so no I usually don't watch TV and eat at the same time.

One of the main complaints of this area from many residents in the city is that with highly-appreciating property values has come an outplacement of local shops and restaurants in favor of national chains.

I met someone who lived nearby who whenever they went out would play the game called, “What local shop or restaurant closed today?

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