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I got a great number of responses, but there were lots of votes for great basses that I really wouldn’t consider boutique.

Sorry guys, but Fender Custom Shop is not boutique. There was also a number of brands that we all think of as boutique, which have really crossed the line to main stream production.

I hope this list will be a useful one to all at ICW.

OK it goes like this..starting with Japanese built guitars: 1997 to Now F=Fujigen factory, 2nd & 3rd digit=year made(eg 04=2004) next 5 digits =month & build number Jan=5000 Feb=10000 Mar=15000 Apr=20000 May=25000 June=30000 July=35000 Aug=40000 Sept=45000 Oct=50000 Nov=55000 Dec=60000 So an example here is for a recent model with a Serial number F0330210 = Fujigen 2003 June 210th guitar built.

Indonesian Made Ibanez These guitars start with the following I=Cort Indonesia factory K=KWO factory J=Sejung factory The example serial number is K031034335 K=KWO 03=2003 10=Oct.

Bach wrote four suites and a number of miscellaneous pieces for the lute, now played on the guitar.

Trying to make a list of The Top Ten Boutique Bass Guitars is not all that easy.

Everyone has a different favourite and there are over 900 bass brands to choose from .

I have owned, and still own, many of both the MIJ and CIJ guitars and when setup correctly and rewired, they can play, feel, and sound as good (if not in many cases, even better) than their USA counter-parts (especially when rewired with custom pickups!

)and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997.

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External and internal evidence presents too many contradictions to ignore.

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