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According to the sources, Daniel Henney started dating Maggie Q, another fellow Korean actress in 2005 but soon ended it up.

His name was also linked up with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2005,when they both were featured in a Korean company ad. He was also reportedly rumored dating co-star Jung Ryeo Won several times on and off which is till date a secret. His fans and paparazzi both keep on digging for the secret lady who has this Asian god on her fingertips. (chuckles) There’s a wide wave of rumor that our eyecandy is off the market!! He has been seen wearing a new engagement ring recently on many events, but it is still a secret who the lucky lady is.

it's been a while.'The hunk, who became a household name in Asia after snagging a meaty role in the 2005 Korean comedy series My Lovely Sam Soon, revealed candidly that he has been unattached 'for three to four years'.

He broke up with his last serious girlfriend after he started working actively in Korea.

It is said that Henney and Maggie begin their relation in the year 2005.

As we have initially stated that the star prefers to maintain his personal stuff very secret, he did not talk about his girlfriend Maggie in any of his interviews.

Daniel Henney or its goes Daniel Philip Henney who is our X-Men, Wolverine has a beautiful Korean GF!

Well know more about Daniel Henney Girlfriend Maggie Q Wiki Details, and their Dating and Break up Rumor!

WITH his towering 1.88m frame and chiselled good looks that make women go weak in the knees, you'd expect Daniel Henney to be an expert in the field of dating.

And who could forget his rumored relationship with a formerr girlfriend Maggie Q?

However, after breaking up with her, is he dating someine else? In the recent days, Daniel is solely focused on his career since he has not shown interest in his love life.

Daniel Henney use to say about his personal life that at present in 2016 he wanted to focus on his career and have no time for dating with girlfriend or for any other relationship.

It was reported in past that Daniel was interested in who is also an actress during the former years of his career.

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