Brick fascade updating

Prime the surface with a 100-percent acrylic latex exterior or interior primer, depending upon where the brick is in your home.

Cut the edges of the surface with a paint brush, and use a roller to cover the broad surfaces of your wall.

The outer edge of the flashing must be turned down over the foundation ledge and the inner edge over the sheathing but under the building paper.

For stubborn stains or grime found indoors or outdoors, mix trisodium phosphate with water at ratios recommended by the manufacturer and scrub the wall clean.

Alternatively, for very dirty exterior veneer, use a pressure washer.

Information on the installation and maintenance of thin brick veneer systems is also provided.

Homeowners upgrade their homes for two reasons: They always dreamed of having a walk-in shower, or they think remodeling will boost their home’s value when it comes time to sell.

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Lay a full brick on the top corner edge and then lay a half brick underneath. Start by troweling pre-mixed mortar onto the foundation ledge and preparing it to receive the first course.

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