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Because Hunie Pot´s “Huniepop” is basically just a dirty (ecchi) version of Bejeweled (the game is a mix of RPG, puzzle, dating sim with an ecchi visual novel setting).

It’s like that picture of the guy where the apple is blocking his face. Jordan: That was funny enough to drag people to your website. Jordan: Sure, so The Art of Charm teaches social skills but not like which fork you use or even remedial or advanced social skills. We take emotional intelligence, which is something that’s hard to measure/quantify, and we teach it in a systematic way that anybody can learn and master.

However, I find it to be somewhat disturbing that they spend so much time on hating and ruining things which other people enjoy.

In this case, it seems like two SJWs went bananas on “Are you a pathetic teenager who’s parents block 99% of the internet? t that no female would ever talk to you much less date you?

So anyone who holds some kind of common sense, would understand that there is no need to get upset over games such as “Huniepop”.

And if you don´t like the game, fine, don´t buy it.

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